Smart Home Security

Internet connectivity has enabled the smart home, which can contains a wide array of devices for giving you greater control over your home environment, whether you're at home or away. You can control and monitor your smart home systems via a smartphone, tablet or laptop from any location.

For example:

  • Smart heating allows you to arrange for the heating to come on in time for you arriving back home.

  • Smart CCTV keeps an eye on your property, and can alert you as soon as activity is detected.

  • You can link your smart CCTV to a smart lighting system so that lights come on as soon as activity is detected.

With more and more smart devices for the home being marketed, the possibilities are endless. However, there have been increasing numbers of so-called smart devices with poor security being sold, which can provide a back door to hackers to gain access to your home networks, which could put all of your devices and data at risk.

At Targa Digital, we can help you ensure that your smart home is properly secured against these risks to protect you and your family.

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